What ARC/INFO Commands would you like to see in SQL?

Over the next week I am going to illustrate how to create the ESRI ARC/INFO commands of ERASE, INTERSECT, IDENTITY, and UNION (for you younger folks, that’s the Esri ArcGIS commands of Erase, Intersect, Identity, and Union).  While I plan to return back to my book Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography, I wanted to also continue the classic GIS commands in SQL. So, while I don’t usually ask for comments on this blog, I wanted to throw out to this question:

What ARC/INFO commands would you like to see recreated in SQL?

6 thoughts on “What ARC/INFO Commands would you like to see in SQL?

  1. Hi Art, I would be interested in seeing symmetric difference in SQL. There are a few places that I have needed this. Great blog BTW I have seen all sorts of uses for your posts so far. Keep them coming.

  2. I have both symmetrical difference and line density completed. I will post these next week after I finish up the current series on ARC/INFO overlay. Just an FYI, Symmetrical Difference was pretty easy (although I do suspect a bug in Manifold that I needed to code around). Line Density of a fun challenge although the number of SELECTs nested inside other SELECTS is a mess. I bet it can be trimmed down some, so maybe dale will want to try that..

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