Another glimpse at Manifold Radian Studio

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my friends.  Today, Manifold announced their procedures for participating in the beta for their new product: Radian Studio  here.

I have been participating in a bare bones beta program for about a year, and I’ve shown a couple of highlights here.  Below is a short video that illustrates the display speed of Radian – enjoy.

Click to watch Radian display speed

3 thoughts on “Another glimpse at Manifold Radian Studio

  1. Very impressive. However, how long does it take to load the dataset into the Radian DBMS? If it takes a substantial amount of time that will not be too much of an issue if your work involves using the same dataset each session. However it could become a big issue it your work requires you to use/process different datasets each session, especially it these are remote sensing ones or of numerical weather prediction model output. I would like to know how long it takes to load a complete uncompressed (.tif or .HDF format) Landsat 7 or 8 scene (ie all spectral bands) into the Radian Engine, if you can yet do this.

    • Nick, good questions. It is faster to load than 8, for sure. But, it isn’t instantaneous at the moment – remember, this isn’t even the beta yet. I haven’t tried any multiband images yet so I don’t know. I’ve focused on vector and connections to postgis (see some of the other posts).

  2. Just stumbled upon this and I have a couple of comments. (1) You could have used a more recent version of QGIS (2.12 was released two months prior to this review) or a development version of QGIS. Development versions typically runs fast at the expense of stability. (2) You didn’t specify/show if you built the spatial index on the roads shapefile in QGIS (or did I miss that?).

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