New poll: Help me pick my next workshop.

I have had a great time giving live workshops – each one has been sold out, the the reviews have been fantastic (see here and here)

As people have asked me to do more advanced GIS workshops, I thought I’d ask some of you who read my blog what you would be interested in  As a side note, I am starting to put together a two-day Big Data Analytics for GIS workshop.  I will definitely offer that as a class at my University,  but I think I can also boil it down to a 16 hour, two day workshop – does that sound interesting to people?

Anyway, check out the poll, add some comments, and let me know if your community would like me out to give a workshop.

Don’t forget, if you want to learn advanced GIS training on your own time, you can grab one of my video courses here

2 thoughts on “New poll: Help me pick my next workshop.

  1. Art,
    I have used Manifold since Version 5. I am now retired and would like to do some volunteer Pinelands Preservation work using New Jersey LAS data. I haven’t updated since Manifold Professional 8.28 (32 bit). I now see Manifold Universal (64) and Radian list support for LAS and ESRI Geodatabase data sets that I need to access. I had an unsuccessful experience trying to download the Manifold Universal (64) and Radian package in July and think I will use a reseller to upgrade. If you are one or could suggest the best way to identify one, that will help. I will also need some training to get things running properly and know you can help with that.
    Bob Quick

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