Big data geo-analytics with SQL

I’m getting ready to create a course in big data analytics with GIS.  I have lots of ideas as to what to do, but one thing I know is that I will be using spatial databases and SQL.  I’ll also be using Manifold Future.

ESRI has recently introduced their ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server, which will introduce many GIS professionals to big data analytics with GIS.  They have some interesting scenarios and example data using NYC taxi cabs.  I think these will be really good case studies.

This video (just shy of 20 minutes) will use SQL and Manifold to try and address these big data problems.

Keep an eye on my blog as I will be rolling out new ideas as I prepare my course for the Spring.

if you like the video, and want to learn more about how to improve your spatial database skills, check out my videos at

3 thoughts on “Big data geo-analytics with SQL

  1. Great, Art! Let us know when it is ready, I would love to purchase it. Your training is always great.
    I just recently received certification as a Data Scientist from the Microsoft Professional Program. During my training I used R packages to do some spatial analyses, with flat files and also SQL Server databases. I am hoping to incorporate the many spatial/mapping packages of R into my Manifold work. Hopefully you could incorporate a R language function within the SQL queries of Manifold Future as you show in the video.

    • Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment, and also a great skill.
      The course I’m creating is actually a University course, but I will likely spin it into a video course as well.

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