About gisadvising

gisadvising operates as a running stream-of-consciousness about my ideas related to the spatial sciences.  I am a technologist and an educator, not a philosopher.  Therefore, I rarely wax poetic about the “way things should be”, or give my opinions about some new GIS standard that comes out.  In these pages you will get a peek into the things we are working on in my lab or the new ideas I’m introducing in my courses.

I have a really envious job as a Professor, I get paid to think about things.  Therefore, it isn’t too much to ask that if you pay someone to think about things, they should tell others about what they are learning.  So, in these pages, you can expect me to talk about statistics and geography, spatial SQL, enterprise GIS, parallel processing and GIS, and programming GIS solutions.  Also, my undergraduate students are doing fantastic work in the previously mentioned areas – I will certainly spend time bragging about them as I think their work will be an inspiration to you all.

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