New Books – How do I do that in PostGIS, How do I do that in Manifold SQL

I have two new books out – How do I do that in PostGISand How do I do that in Manifold SQL.  

From the back cover of How do I do that in PostGIS:

For those who are unsure if SQL is a sufficient language for performing GIS tasks, this book is for you. This guide follows the topic headings from the book How do I do that in ArcGIS/Manifold, as a way to illustrate the capabilities of the PostGIS SQL engine for accomplishing classic GIS tasks. With this book as a resource, users will be able to perform many classic GIS functions using nothing but SQL.

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Stream Sinuosity with Spatial SQL

In case you are getting tired of reading examples from my book (did I mention that I have a textbook you can buy from Amazon?), I thought I would throw a post in here and there that illustrates other aspects of SQL and GIS.  A friend recently sent me a file of stream segments, and wanted to determine the sinuosity of each stream segment.  You may recall the sinuosity formula as the length of the segment / distance between the start and endpoint of a line.  This is essentially a ratio of the theoretical straight line distance between the endpoints and the actual distance along the segment.

 Lets suppose we have a vector file named Stream_Sample. Sinuosity is easily calculated with SQL and a few spatial constructs as:

SELECT Length([Geom (I)]) / Distance(StartPoint([Geom (I)]),EndPoint([Geom (I)])) AS ss
FROM [Stream_Sample]

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